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I would like to let you edit graphics, web templates, what must I do?

In the case of modification of a website template you have three basic options:

First you have purchased a web template and you want to install.

If you have a custom template and want to install or modify in any way, you can do so in web templates. Here you can directly edit the source files and the images themselves e.g templates. For editing, however, requires knowledge of HTML / CSS code. If you do not have this knowledge, you can contact our Support via HelpDesk system. You will find this in the administration by clicking on their name. Once you have entered your request, you set the price with Him/Her and tell them the term treatment.

You also have the option to ask someone from your neighborhood who is knowledgeable of HTML / CSS code. How to work with web templates we have documented in detail and even starting HTML coder would have to consult with the adjustment.

Secondly you use one of our predefined web templates.

At preset web templates are very similar to when you have a custom template. The only difference is that you do not own the template to implement. Our templates are automatically linked with CMS and other applications. Working with the template, however, takes place in web templates

Regarding treatment, the same applies here as in the previous paragraph.

To form the third video websites to size.

Graphics can be customized by entering new orders in HelpDesk system (by clicking on their name in administration). After you enter your request we will contact you with the next steps.



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