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How to set project redirecting and project aliases

In our platform you can also set to your project to be redirected to another domain or alias, project in desired language mutation. To do so follow these instruction.

  1. Log in to your Digimadi account

  2. Click the third icon from right in the top right corner.

  3. Pick Settings from rollout menu.

  4. Proceed to Web.

  5. Select relevant project.

  6. From the menu select Web page administration.

  7. In this window you’ll be able to configure what content will be displayed at given address.

  8. If you wish for your project to be redirected to another URL address, click Redirection and fill in the address your visitors will be redirected to upon loading given project address.

  9. If you wish for content of another of your projects to be displayed, consider using the Alias option. Select project its content you want to be loaded after loading the address. Now pick the language mutation. It is recommended to set alias for one project only.

  10. You can also block access to your project. In this case project won’t be displayed on web at all.

  11. Change your changes.



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