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How to set notification e-mails to inform you of new recieved form

Notification are meant to alert you when a Form is received by sending you an e-mail. As soon as somebody sends a form, its transcription will be sent to your e-mail address.

How to set up e-mail notification?

  1. Log in to your Digimadi account.
  2. Click on Select project in top right section of menu next to where your account’s name is displayed and pick desired project.
  3. Select on the Form application icon.
  4. Out of the existing form list pick the one you want to send notifications.
  5. Click the Notification button in the menu.
  6. You will be shown the list of pre-existing notifications. To set up new one click Insert notification.
  7. The form you see now is used to set up new notification. To do so fill in following fields:

    Sender E-mail = it is recommended to use your e-mail address; it will be used to send the notifications.

    Sender name = informative value. You can fill in your name or name of your project etc. This name will be displayed when viewed by receiver.

    E-mail subject = fill the subject of the e-mail here. This will be displayed in your inbox message list. You can use for example “ Contact form reply” etc.

    E-mail header = is introductory part of message body. You can leave this field blank or fill it with “Greetings, we send you notification of filled form XYZ”.

    E-mail contents = you can choose from which fields will be included of the form will be sent through the e-mail.

    E-mail footer = the “signature part” of message. You can use for example “Best regards, John Smith” etc.

    Receiver E-mail = address to which the messages will be sent. This is the e-mail that will receive the e-mail with notification about newly filled forms.

    Send to address contained in attribute = this can be used to send the copy of the filled form to the customer who filled it. Value in this field has to be e-mail attribute.
  1. If you want multiple addresses to receive the notification, you will have to set up unique notification for each address.
  2. When you are done click the save button to finish the configuration.


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