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How to change domain of existing project

Any project’s domain can be changed at any time.

There are two ways to make such changes:

  • Via the Domain management application
  1. Log in to your Digimadi account.
  2. Click the Agenda application’s icon and proceed to Domain management.
  3. Select Projects in right.


  4. Pick the project its address you want to change from the list.

  5. Select the domain you want to move your project to.

  6. Confirm the project’s transfer.

  • Via the Smart guide icon
  1. Log in to your Digimadi account.

  2. Click Smart guide icon in your administration and proceed to Settings.

  3. Pick the domain option in Smart guide menu then go to Change project domain.

  4. Proceed by domain selection as shown in step 4 above.

  5. Confirm the changes as shown in step 5 above.

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