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E-commerce web template - instructions for webdesigners

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1/ Colours

The elements sharing primary colour are:

  1. Main menu (strip with popup submenu)
  2. Backlinks
  3. Bullet list markers
  4. Graphic headline links
  5. Basic HTML elements

Your graphic designer should use hex codes.

Secondary colour is the same for:

  1. icons
  2. buttons
  3. link mouse-overs
  4. forms’ onfocus

Your graphic designer should use hex codes.

Tertiary colour is used for footer background

Your graphic designer should use hex codes.

Quarterly colour is used for footer text

Your graphic designer should use hex codes.

Background colour is always white

2/ Images

  • under whole header with logo you can place background image (1170x160)
  • overlay of header background serves as a spice for logo maximum dimensions are 360x160
  • insert background for content section on main page on homepage above header, recommended dimensions are 1920x415 (fullsite)
  • footer may have background picture 1170×115
  • In expanded content category section (not in e-shop) under H1 is possible to display overlay picture 1920x190

3/ Slider

  • Slider images have to include text (you can set where will each individual picture link to)
  • Slider resolution is 770 x 370

4/ Front page banner

  • The banner dimensions are 370 x 370
  • You don’t have to use image, you can use any other content in this 370x370 space
    (e.g. multiple banners, texts, links, forms)
  • Use WYSIWYG editor to make changes to this space

5/ Font

  • Default font is: Arimo
  • Secondary font for headlines and highlighted text elements: Ubuntu
  • Fonts are Google Fonts
  • You can change both primary and secondary font

6/ Layout

  • The template supports setting the width of page (block / fullsite)
  • Pages might have left and right sidebars with boxes (submenu, social networks, filters, etc.)
  • You can disable each or both sidebars it will however reduce template functionality
  • The template intentionally isn’t responsive, it actually contains special version for mobile devices. 
    (responsive templates only hide the content to devices – this means that amount of loaded data is still the same. In our case we have really cut off parts which makes the core simpler, shorter and faster)




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