Help Center for Digimadi

Customize your web template appearance

You can customize the appearence of your web project even if you don’t know any programming languages.


You just need to have general idea about colour and graphic setting also what texts will be on your site.


To customize the appearence of your project:

  1. Click the „Web template“ tab in your project administration. You can completely customize the graphic settings of your website.
  2. You can set static texts, links to social networks, e-mail contact forms or support for comments. You can also change colour range. Some templates support changing fonts, layout etc. These options will be automatically displayed in menu if your active template supports them.

    You can change your active template or preview what would the site look in another one (the changes you see aren’t displayed to your visitors). You can swap between templates at any time and advanced users can even create their own. Read here for more details.
  1. You can change the backround image or replace text logo with logo image. 




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