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Using the Image Slider

Many web templates contain so-called "Slider". Slider is a graphical element in which loaded images slide either horizontally or vertically. You can also set it to display titles and short discriptions of loaded images.

You can set up every project page (category) to show different set of images. That means that it is possible to have one set of images shown on Hompage while completely different one in another section e.g. Services.

To be able to set Slider up in this fashion it is bound to category. Therefore its editing is done via the Category applictaion.

Instructions on how to load new image into slider

  1. Expand chosen category (e.g. Homepage)
  2. Click the Images tab
  3. Load image via Cloud or upload it from your computer
    (It is possible to load multiple images at a time)
  4. Set the order in which loaded images will be displayed to suit your needs using the arrows
  5. If you want title and discription to be displayed with your images, you'll have to change settings on each individual image

Templates usually include support for one type of slider only. If you intend to use different one it is possible to make changes directly in the templates code (recommended only for experienced users / developers only)




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