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I'd like to have web template graphic adjusted, what should I do?

You have three basic options when it comes to adjusting web template:

  1. You have bought web template and want to install it.

If you have your own web template and want to install or adjust it you can do so through the Web templates application. You can modify source code and template images here. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is needed to do so. If you lack such knowledge you can contact us through HelpDesk system for support. You can get there after clicking your name in top right corner of administration. As soon as we receive your request we’ll make an assessment consult you about deadline.

You can also ask someone you know who has HTML/CSS knowledge. We have fairly detailed documentation on subject so even beginner coder should be able to handle it.

  1. You are using one of our pre-set web templates.

The situation with pre-set web templates is similar. The only difference is that you don’t have to implement the template yourself. Your templates are automatically linked with our content management system and other applications. All work with web template is done through Web template application

As far as adjusting goes same as above applies.

  1. You’d like to have your web template order-made.

You can file a request in HelpDesk system (click your name in top right corner). We will contact you when we receive your request and consult you about further progress.



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