Help Center for Digimadi

How to set up e-mail client for Digimadi servers

Basic parameters for e-mail configuration are:

Incoming and outgoing server (SMTP):

IMAP: STARTTLS, port: 143

POP3: port: 110

SMTP: port: 587 

You can use any of these three protocols to connect to our e-mail server:

  1. IMAP

This protocol leaves all the files and e-mail on our server. When you open your e-mail client (Thunderbird, Outlook etc.) it will read the list on server. The biggest advantage that you’ll have access to your e-mail files no matter what device and/or location you connect from.

Biggest disadvantage is that it is very demanding space wise. Every e-mail is saved on server including its attachments.

Thunderbird settings:

  1. POP3

If you use POP3 all e-mails will be downloaded to your computer and deleted from server itself. This offers higher degree of security and offers quick access to all your messages and attachments after you download them from server. When you’re using this variant you can access them even if you are in a places without internet connection with your device.

Also since there is very little data kept at server POP3 is often preferred since it can lower maintenance fees.


The webmail variant is virtually identical with IMAP with one exception: you don’t need e-mail software to access your e-mail box. Since you access your e-mail box through internet browser you have access to your data from everywhere as long as you have internet and device with browser.

If you wish to use this variant you can go ahead and log in at:




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